My name’s Breanna (pictured left), and I started freelancing in 2013. E ven before the onslaught of COVID-19 in 2020, I knew how important convenience and efficiency are for my client-base. I’ve mastered working remotely in a way that feels anything but “remote”—it’s personal, hospitable, and supportive.

Ransome Revision operates nationally across trades and sectors. I’ve ghostwritten for niche and industry blogs, edited dissertations and high-stakes academic materials for graduate students, organized grant proposals for nonprofit organizations, designed email campaigns for major credit unions, composed white papers and manuals for big-name corporations—you name it.

Backed by Credentials

When you work with Ransome Revision, you access expertise that is backed not only by years of experience but by an advanced, specialized education from accredited institutions.

M.A. in English and Media Studies
  • Graduated 2019 with 4.0 GPA
  • Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)
  • Thesis: Academic Writing in Professional Graduate Programs: Reaching the Writer in the Executive MPA Student
Communicator Certificate
  • Earned 2018
  • Collaborative program for Communications and Marketing
  • Focused on identifying, managing, and maximizing brand standards, story, and resources
PMI Waterfall Course Completion
  • Earned 2021
  • Kickoff course offered by the Project Management Institute
  • Focused on streamlining processes and organizing projects to improve project success and increase turnaround time

Based in Learning

It may seem unusual for a niche-less freelancer to have a mission, but my mission originated from years of experience helping higher ed students set goals and discover the best path forward. Unlike hour-eating editors and pricey digital marketing agencies, I view your work as an opportunity to help you learn new and strengthen your existing skills.

Your independence and confidence is as important to me as it is to you, and nothing would make me happier than to see you feeling capable to make it perfect and make it yours, all on your own. I take extra care to explain significant choices I make along the way, create resources and guides if you need them, and am here to talk about best practices in detail.

Ransome Revision meets you where you are and gets you where you want to be.

ESL Speakers/Writers

I have four years’ experience working with ESL speakers/writers both individually and in groups and provide workshops designed to help you grasp writing in the convoluted language that is English.

Graduate students

Don’t get me started on the limited writing support graduate students receive. I’m dedicated to providing that support. You can write a 50-page paper that meets the word count and makes sense.


A true entrepreneurial spirit isn’t hampered by a B- or even a D+ in English 102. You’ve got all of the big ideas. I can help you figure out how to put them into words and build your credibility, too.

Nonprofit organizations

From writing appeal letters to grant proposals, mastering funder/donor-centric language is no easy task. Making the world a better place requires funding, and you can learn the writing flair to get it. 

Learn More About Bre

If you’d like to read about my personal academic and work history, check out my portfolio! It includes my publications, cool projects I’ve worked on, descriptions of the jobs I’ve had, and my references. Alternatively, you can skip right to the samples of my work for which I’ve been given permission to share on this site.