You’re protected.

Ransome Revision ensures the privacy of your sensitive information through responsible practices.

Using Your Information

No information is collected unless you provide it voluntarily and is used only to appropriately process your requests and present you accessibility.  

If you have granted permission, Ransome Revision can use your information (e.g., email address) to send you newsletters or other marketing materials with the intent of offering you the best possible service.

Sharing Your Information

Ransome Revision does not share your information with other individuals or organizations or store or display your information where other individuals or organizations can access it without your explicit consent and knowledge of how your information is being shared.

The only two exceptions are testimonial submissions or if a law or court order demands it. Upon submission of a testimonial, you agree that the information you provide (e.g., your first name, last name initial, and job title) may be displayed on social media sites, websites, newsletters, and other materials for marketing purposes.

Storing Your Information

Ransome Revision stores your files directly and uses the appropriate security measures to preserve the confidentiality of your information. Ransome Revision does not provide access to other individuals or organizations to cloud- or hard-drive-based where your information is stored.

Protecting Your Information

All of your information is protected according to the federal government’s Privacy Act, meaning you are entitled to know when information is collected and informed of the purpose of such collected. This also means that you are to be granted access to that information at any and all times.

You can, at any time, modify or delete your stored information by submitting a formal request.