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Read what my clients have to say:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Breanna for the past two years and she is amazing at her craft! Her writing skills are master-level and I’m always looking forward to getting her feedback on my pieces. She helps me with my digital writing content. I highly recommend her for your next venture!

Dom H.

Business Owner

I’ve used Breanna’s editing services so many times for all different papers. Even if I just have a two-page assignment due the next day, I can send it right to Breanna for a quick review before I turn it in. The response and turnaround time is amazing. She gets the job done best. I’ve learned how to revise my own work over time with her tips and lessons!

Kate U.

B.S. Candidate

I recently had to write a safety policy manual over 300 pages and I was at a loss. I gave Breanna a shot and she delivered a professional and airtight document. I’ll definitely be using Ransome Revision again soon.

Will D.

Business Owner

Breanna is fantastic to work with. She is professional and exceedingly thorough. She works with you every step of the process, encouraging you along the way and working to ensure that your manuscript is the best possible version of itself.

Rebekah F.

M.A. Candidate

Breanna used to work for me, and I hired her during the last stage of my dissertation. She made detailed edits that truly made my work amazing. She even went a step further to discuss what stylistically would make my point come across more efficiently. She’s professional and the feedback is specific to the scope of your work. I’m finishing on time because of her!

Yosmeriz R.

Ph.D. Candidate

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Breanna. Her biggest value has been her writing and editing skills. She also got all of our social media accounts off the ground and taught me, a former novice, how to manage them.

Tom M.

Executive Director

I highly recommend Breanna! I’m so pleased with her professionalism, proofreading skills, patience, time allocation, dedication, and consideration. My writing has gotten so much better. I’m looking forward to working with her again!

Lili R.

ESL Ph.D. Candidate

Breanna is as professional as she is proficient. I’ve entrusted her with the task of representing myself and my nonprofit organization, and she’s delivered with flying colors.

Reet T.

Executive Director